Why Jailbreaking Your Phone is Beneficial

Numerous people have heard about jailbreaking a phone and wonder about the benefits of doing it. The first idea which frequently pops in their minds is that doing so will enable them to use other mobile networks aside from an exclusive brand. While many people do have some other network providers that their phones use, many of those phones have not been jailbroken, they're just unlocked. So when we say jailbreak, what does that really mean?

Jailbreaking your phone means that you could download more Cydia apps which you could not download before as well as further customize your phone. The main benefit with jailbreaking is that you can turn your phone to a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Initially, there were various reasons to jailbreak a phone. Previously, jailbreaking would enable phone users in zooming in on photos, customize their phone's background as well as upload videos on video sharing websites. With the latest iOS, these options can be enjoyed by the users. It is very possible that the things being done with jailbroken phones had a huge impact on how the phone manufacturers put standard into their newest products. Thus, what are those major benefits of jailbreaking your phone now?

The biggest and latest news in jailbreaking your phone is the capability of turning it to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Though it would cost money, you can download an app which enables four devices in connecting through your phone. Reviews found that the download speed are somewhere about 3300 Kbps as well as uploads are approximately 340Kbps. In addition, there are also some other excellent free iPhone jailbreak apps for jailbroken phones which actually enables people to make audio and video calls by just using their 3G connections instead of requiring it to use Wi-Fi networks. Thus, regardless of where you are, when you have 3G, you can make video or audio calls to your loved ones.

Jailbreaking your phone would also let you customize it. On your lock screen, it is possible to put all information that you want to see even without sliding it to unlock the phone. This could include new emails, if you have, the calls that you may have missed and the weather that your location currently have. The header would even be customizable with jailbroken phones, giving you the options about how your phone must be personalized. Lastly, all those Apps, which are deemed unacceptable to download before will be now available for jailbroken phones. There are no limits to what you can do to your jailbroken phone!  For more information, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IOS_jailbreaking .